10 Life Lessons Every Age Group Coach Should Teach

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Check out this exciting SwimSwam article I found today titled "10 Life Lessons That Every Age Group Swim Coach Should be Teaching Their Swimmers" by Cathy Sheafor.

"As I sat down to write this list, to in a sense document my coaching philosophy, I thought about one key thing: life is a choice.  Everything we do in life is a choice from brushing our teeth in the morning to working in the pool. If we teach swimmers only one thing it should be that they have the power of choice.  This simple tenet of life underlies each of the 10 lessons outlined below.

1. It is all about the Journey.

A good coach friend tells his swimmers this often. And, he lives it.  He is a coach who stays in touch with his swimmers when they leave his program.  Personally.  He follows their college careers, their weddings, their careers and their families.  He cares.  He cares about their life journeys.

Swimming is a journey. That journey will be filled with success and failure.  It will be filled with joy and sadness.  It will be filled with moments that are easy and moments that are hard.  Swimming presents the opportunity for children to learn how to navigate these ups and downs in a healthy and productive way.

Teach swimmers to smell the roses, enjoy their experiences, and value them in and of themselves.  Every experience has value.

If the journey mixes fun with work and learning it will be awesome! So, embrace the journey with your swimmers and teach them to do the same."

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