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Perfect for swim training, the Hydrodynamic design ensures stability even at high speeds.
The snorkels fixed headband provides the swimmer with more stability.

The Arena Swim Snorkel Pro is their most advanced swimmer's snorkel yet! The Arena Swim Snorkel Pro builds on the success of the popular Arena Swim Snorkel. Designed for intermediate to advanced level swimmers, the Pro version boasts excellent stability and a secure fit even at high speeds.

The shape and design of the Swim Snorkel Pro enables you to maintain an effective swimming technique, and also allows for an extremely efficient swim style during strength-building sessions at the pool.

Combine the Swim Snorkel Pro with the Arena Elite Hand Paddles and the Powerfin Pro Training Fins to perform a huge variety of swim drills aimed at developing strength and technique in the water.


  • Perfect for swim training, the hydrodynamic (streamlined) design ensures stability even at high speeds.
  • The snorkel's fixed headband provides a comfortable and stable fit whilst swimming, so that you can concentrate on your stroke.
  • The snorkel comes with two different sized silicone mouthpieces, helping you to achieve a custom fit that's comfortable for your training sesions.
  • Also includes two different resistance tops so that you can fine-tune your workout and improve your lung capacity.
  • Options for different sized tops.
  • Smaller sized tube provides a more demanding workout.
  • Length/height: 42cm


55% Polyvinyl Chloride 30% Silicone 10% Polycarbonate 5% Thermoplastic Rubber

Read more about the Arena Swim Snorkel Pro and watch the "Swim Tips" videos in our blog article titled:

How to Use a Swimmer's Snorkel for Stroke Development (with videos)

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