Arena Mens Carbon Compression Long Sleeve

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The new compression range from Arena uses cutting-edge sports garment technology to help your muscles better prepare for exercise, prevent injury, and shorten recovery time after a strenuous workout.

Arena sports compression garments are the ultimate partner for your workout regime. Wear them after swimming for a faster recovery time. Wear them during your dryland training to support your muscles and reduce risk of injury. The benefits of compression garments for athletes have been proven time and again, now Arena have built on existing technology and introduced new features of their own to produce a set of compression clothing specifically for swimmers!

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Compression technology has been around for a few years now and sports companies have been refining their garments all the time. Compression technology works by applying an even surface pressure over targeted body parts to create an increased blood flow. This aids delivery of oxygen to the muscles and removal of the by-products of exercise such as lactic acid (build up of by-products like lactic acid is one of the reasons your muscles feel sore after exercise).

These effects mean that athletes are able to push themselves harder, for longer, and recover faster whilst wearing compression clothing!

Another effect of compression clothing is that it “hugs” the muscles tightly so that no energy is wasted through muscle vibration and oscillation. Normally when our muscles fire there is a certain amount of energy lost through vibration. Compression helps to eliminate this muscle oscillation and focuses that energy in the direction your muscle is pushing/pulling instead. Meaning more of your potential energy is being delivered in the direction that you intended.

Compression clothing is another tool in your training kit to help you reach your full potential and beat those after-workout aches!



  • Carbon fibre infused fabric provides intelligent compression to enhance blood circulation and support muscles.
  • Silicon taping in targeted areas to focus additional compression and extra support to common sports injury zones.
  • Panels knitted made from sensitive fabric for maximum comfort and muscle support.
  • Flock lining on ankles and wrist for optimal comfort, fit and feel against the skin.


Material: 52 Polyamide, 47% Elastane, 1% Carbon Fibre

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