Arena Carbon Pro Womens Tri-Suit with Rear Zip Orange/Black

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Arena have created a brand new powerful Triathlon suit for 2013 that uses a mix of carbon fibre and high-stretch elastomer yarns, to provide optimum strength and mobility for the athlete. This particular model comes in black and orange. Additional Features: Bonded Seams Two Mesh Pockets on the back. Diablo carbon lining on core areas for additional compression. Legline and back elastic inserts to improve movements.

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Arena Womens Carbon Pro Tri-Suit (Rear Zip) 

Arena have created a brand new powerful Triathlon suit for 2013 that uses a mix of carbon fibre and high-stretch elastomer yarns to provide optimum strength and mobility for the athlete. This particular model comes in orange and black.

Powerskin Carbon Pro, the revolutionary new product that improves muscle compression to enhance your performance as a triathlete, thanks to the bonded seams and panel shape. Technical qualities that improve hydrodynamics and reduce drag in swimming, offering better support for the quadriceps and guaranteeing no rubbing on the bicycle, ensuring complete freedom of movement, comfort and support when running.

Intelligent Compression: Stiff, strong carbon fibres combined with high-stretch elastomer yarns in a woven construction create a ‘lock-out’ effect. These fibres lock down when a critical stretch level is reached, much like a car’s seat belt is locked when the vehicle experiences a high impact. With a this tri-suit, the lock down of the carbon fibres maximizes compression on over-extended zones, increasing support and control where it’s needed and when it’s needed. At the same time, the stretch fabric remains comfortable without compromising mobility.

Power Return: Strategic placement of elastic bonding tape on the inside of the legs and the gluteal muscles delivers added power through a “spring back” action on each dive, kick, and turn. The tape stretches as you push off, helping to give a better glide as you start each lap, preserving its optimal fit and freedom of movement throughout. The tapes even help your pre-race stretching and warm-up, so that you can preserve your energy for when you most need it – in the race.

Improved Surface Integrity: The Carbon-Pro’s high-performance woven fabric (190g/sqm) reinforced with carbon fibre delivers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for combined speed and power. The superior strength of this fabric translates into a stronger suit, with less chance of tearing or damage that can result from extreme stretching while putting the suit on. Preservation of the integrity of the swimsuit’s surface in turn maximizes drag reduction and optimizes water repellency.

Bonded Seams - Low Profile, super flat seams reduce surface drag in the water, improving hydro-dynamics.   The seams also ensure no chaffing and maximum comfort during the run and cycle stages.

Carbon Fabric Lining - Provides additional compression for better core body position in the water.  Also eliminates "see through" when exiting the water. In addition to this the lining provides additional support to the glutes during the run and can help to reduce injury.

Silicon Leg Grippers - Keeps any water out reducing drag.  Avoids any riding up during the run and cycle, also ensures perfect placement of the garment to provide perfect muscle coverage and support.

Legline and Back Carbon Fibre Panels - Unique Arena patterns provide reduced surface drag, improving hydrodynamics.  Unique groin panels in suits and jammers ensure comfortable forward tuck position on the bike.  Large arm holes in tops add to this.  Design allows unrestricted biochemical movement yet still providing support during the run.

Back Zipper Opening - Easy Slide for quick opening when needed (Semi locking YKK zippers).  Best quality for long term durability.  Zipper garage provides comfort and protection from chaffing during the run and cycle.

Functional Cuts - Providing lateral stability and support to major muscle groups, during all phases of the race.  They help to maintain muscle alignment and reduce muscle fatigue, improving endurance.

52% Polyamide, 47% Elastane, 1% Polycarbonate

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