MP Michael Phelps XPRESSO Kneeskin - Black / Grey

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The Xpresso Competitive Ladies Tech Suit by Aqua Sphere and Michael Phelps. 

This swimsuit has been developed with the direct input of Olympic athlete Michael Phelps and it's packed full of features to help you out-swim the competition at your next race or event.

Michael Phelps Swimwear

The Xpresso Competitive Ladies Tech Suit is part of a collaboration between swimming brand Aqua Sphere and Olympic athlete Michael Phelps.  Their mission is to bring you the fastest and most comfortable racing swimsuit yet!

Engineered with EXO-Core technology - A combination of Exo Foil and Aqua Core technologies. Each material has its own unique properties.

EXO Foil

The 3D stretch woven fabric used throughout the XPRESSO swimsuit features high quality compression properties tested and refined by Michael Phelps. The three dimensional structure of the material allows it to mimic muscle movement and flex. Additional flexibility and a better range of motion provide a more natural feel.

Aqua Core

The Aqua Core material provides added stability and support. It features high levels of compression and is used in strategic positions in the XPRESSO tech suit to maximise the effectiveness of the compression. The main Aqua Core panels follow the femoral artery in the leg, helping with blood circulation, carrying more oxygen to the muscles and taking away more harmful by-products such as lactic acid that can build up during exercise.  The unique design keeps muscles relaxed both before and during competition.

The combination of the two fabrics, plus the other technical features of the suit, delivers a new higher level of performance.

Hydrodynamic materials limit water absorption, keeping the suit light and fast.

Fully bonded seams create minimal drag and create a structure that helps you achieve correct body positioning for efficient swimming.

Designed and manufactured in Italy.


EXOFOIL: 56% Polyamide 44% Elastane

Lining: 77% Polyamide 23% Elastane


*This product comes boxed with a free MP water bottle and mesh carry bag to compliment your XPRESSO swimsuit

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Season SS16
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